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"Sambhav jewel a Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) based firm bring you an impressive collection of Gemstone Jewellery, Gemstone Setting Jewellery and Sterling Silver Jewellery for women of all ages. "

Each of our jewels

"Is made by hand; all designs are made of sterling silver with a bath in 18k gold and decorated with natural and hydrothermal stones of the best quality."

Sambhav jewel is a Indian firm of high jewellery and online jewelry that is born from the desire to enhance the beauty and essence of each woman through unique and exclusive jewelry 

We keep jewellery of all types of designs, from contemporary to traditional, light to heavy; to suit every taste and style. Founded in the year2010, we are a professional Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Gemstone Rings, Gemstone Earnings, Gemstone Pendants, Gemstone Bracelets, Gemstone Beads and Gemstone Bangles; offered in different designs and styles.

Gemstones are basically mineral or rock, which when cut and polished converts into beautiful shining gems. These are used in making semi-precious and precious jewellery for centuries. We are manufacturing as well as sourcing jewellery from Jaipur's famous jewellery makers and sell them at wholesale prices. Often called pink city or royal land is famous for its experienced artisans, who cut, and carve precious and semiprecious gemstones into exquisite shapes. You can get the best of royal jewellery in different hues and designs. When matched with your attire, a gemstone jewellery piece will surely compliment your entire look.
We are a young firm that seeks to contribute something different at very competitive prices, being a 100% online jewelry and having no intermediaries we achieve quality designs at unbeatable prices.

In Sambhav jewel we know how important your time is, that's why in our online store you can make your purchases comfortably from your home, work or wherever you have access to the internet, thanks to our fast, secure and professional website.

"We perform a rigorous work to offer exceptional conditions in quality, price and customer service, offering a close and personalized service to resolve any questions that arise in the purchase process."

Sambhav jewel

  • Authentic & genuine jewellery
  • Diversity in designs
  • Certified sources
  • Pool of experienced professionals
  • Wholesale pricing


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